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Food Revolution

Updated: May 4, 2023

Today, I started watching the 8-part 2023 Food Revolution Summit docuseries and wanted to share some of my aha moments. Scientists, researchers, medical providers, educators, activists and many others in lifestyle medicine are on a mission to change the way we eat and the way we live, and to choose health! It all starts with food as the foundation.

Simply put, our diet as it is is killing us. Four TRILLION dollars are spent annually in the US alone on disease symptom management. It’s hard to say this is healthcare; it’s actually “sickcare”

and that’s startling. Poor nutrition is causing a tsunami of diseases, and we are becoming a poorer and sicker society as a result. And it’s not simply the financial aspect but the life cost that comes with disease and sickness.

This epidemic isn’t limited to just Americans. Worldwide according to the UN, 41 million people die annually from chronic diseases that by and large are preventable through diet and lifestyle choices. If that isn’t eye opening, I don’t know what is.

Changing the way you eat will make your life better starting now. This, folks, will save lives. Bettering your health helps your families and your communities, and everyone will be healthier and stronger for it. One of my favorite quotes from the webinar today was, “Turn to Mother Nature. Let her manage the affairs. She will figure it out.” And this is so true. Whole, plant-based foods, just like Mother Nature provides with sun, rain and good soil, are absolutely the way to go and have been proven to correct most diseases. The really amazing thing is we have control over our health destiny. It all starts with what we put on our plates. Returning to whole health through food shows just how remarkable our bodies are and what they are capable of. When you nourish your body properly with whole, plant-based foods, it restores vibrancy and vitality. Fuel better and feel better.

THIS is the very reason Nate and I started growing fruit trees, developing our orchards, and establishing a food forest on our land, while also growing our own vegetables, nuts, legumes and herbs. You can do it too and we can help. A passion for trees and returning to them has evolved into our shared passion of healing the soil, healing bodies, and healing our community. Even if you don’t choose to grow your own fruits and veggies, making sure you’re eating them is most important!

We have to get in better alignment for our health and the health of our planet. Never before has “know your farmer” been more important: focusing on consciously choosing your food and where and how it’s sourced. If you choose to eat meat, making sure you are ethically sourcing your meat, eggs, and dairy from a farmer doing regenerative farming or hunting wild game ethically and humanely.

Lots of food for thought! “Add years to your life and life to your years!” Starting with your plate.

Until next time.


Dr Amanda

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