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About Crew Family Orchards

"Crew Family Orchards" is the trade name of Crew Family Enterprises, LLC.

In 2016, Amanda and Nate Crew started Crew Family Enterprises in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Today, we grow organic nuts, fruits, berries, olives, and a variety of other goodness in Wagram. We're family based, locally focused and dreaming of a delicious future for us all. 


Amanda is the boss of the food business. Nate manages tree cultivation (as well as self-publishing books on the side). You'll find our two boys, Jackson and Willy, running around, climbing trees and being boys.   

We preserve and seek to naturally improve the soil quality and allow restoration of the original forest-based ecosystem of the land. With our friends, we're working hard to bring our neighbors the best in healthy local produce. We're also happy to work with Appin Bees of Laurinburg, NC. Their honeybees are at home in our Wagram orchards, and you can find their honey and other hive products at


Nature is bountiful. We invite you to partake in it with us.

The orchards

  • Wagram Woods & Orchards, Wagram, NC

  • Family Life Community Orchard, Fayetteville, NC

  • A "mental orchard" as DeepRichDirt Publishing

More about the Crew family...

In 1929, a boy named William (our "Grampa Crew") moved to America with his family from Tymbl, a tiny coal miners' village in Wales. He learned English, grew up and joined the US Army. He got his US citizenship upon graduation from boot camp in 1943, then shipped off to World War II.

Grampa survived. A kind and generous soul, he lived a full life as a chaplain and church minister. One of his six children was Nate's dad, Jack, who met Mom when they were both in the military, and they had six kids of their own.


Nate finished his own Army service at Fort Bragg (now Fort Liberty), and so did Amanda. We added our sons Jackson and Willy to the family and decided to call this area home. So here we are, growing food in the rich dirt in the beautiful Lumbee River basin area. Mom and Dad are here now, too.

It's been almost a century since Grampa ventured across the Atlantic. The wanderings are accomplished, this family has "returned to our trees" as an old Welsh saying goes. And today, "mae'r dyfodol yn flasus." "The future is delicious."

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