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Building a healthier community through a community orchard

I am in constant awe of nature’s beauty and how you can take a rather large piece of concrete and a major hole from an old pool and turn it into a place of peace. Standing at the entrance to our community orchard, seeing all the hours of hard work Nate and a handful of us volunteers have done, it truly gives me goosebumps. Everything is in bloom and coming alive and it is a special and serene spot, right here nestled in Cumberland County. Complete with bees who are an integral piece of creating a flourishing natural ecosystem.

It was our hope to bring the community together in a safe spot where everyone can enjoy nature and provide fresh organic fruit, berries and nuts to anyone who wishes to partake. Food insecurity is a very real thing in our county (and across the state and country) and countless people don’t have access to fresh food, or the eduction to know the importance of healthy fresh fruits, berries, nuts, herbs and vegetables in their diet. We saw a need and are filling it. It brings tears to my eyes to see a vision come to life that will have an impact on our entire community.

Our other mission is to teach others that a community orchard concept is entirely doable in the city on almost any piece of land, to grow food instead of lawns and provide to their community. Local churches and businesses have land that would be perfect for creating into a permaculture. What a blessing that would be. Once established, community orchards require relatively little upkeep (as compared to a vegetable garden) and keep producing for many, many years to come and fill a gap that so many people need that do not have access to, fresh nutritious food. While simultaneously healing the soil in the process. The work is well worth the rewards. It’s truly amazing what beauty comes from letting God and Mother Nature work their magic. We hope you’ll partake it the fruits of our labor, and encourage all to come enjoy something good and fresh from our own soil, and maybe be inspired too.

I hope you enjoy this transformation from pool to community orchard.


Dr. Amanda

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