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Choosing Simplicity

I came across an Instagram account called Becoming Unbusy and their posts really resonate with me. Maybe they will with you, too. Check them out if you are on Instagram.

This post in particular caught my eye. If you're unfamiliar with our story, let me share how I went from being a full-time pharmacist to a farming pharmacist with a passion for holistic health and wellness, ultimately leaving full-time practice at the hospital and joining Nate in our family business. What started as a hobby for Nate turned into a passion and desire to heal the soil while growing the best tasting fruits, berries and nuts, sustainably and holistically. Serendipitously, a mentor was placed in our path and the idea of starting with olive trees, and olive oil, was planted and would later bloom into Crew Family Orchards and our DeepRichDirt brand of American grown organic olive oil and vinegars, and our vision of only bringing the highest quality products and food to our local community.

Too often, people get comfortable in the safety of a job or career, in a lifestyle, and settle for the good paycheck, the benefits and the secruity, but end up rushed, stressed and sleepwalking through life, never truly savoring life or the impact they could have on their community and the world. Their fire is gone. Leaving my full-time pharmacist position as a GS employee was the scariest decision I have ever made in my life, yet it has also ultimately been the most rewarding and freeing.

The Universe has a way of showing us the pieces as we need them, and they all combine to make the most exquisite puzzle, far more intricate and beautiful than we ever imagined. Tree by tree, idea by idea and step by step, we are creating a simpler life. It's not always easy, but is deeply fulfilling. If you are feeling stuck, I hope my story will inspire you to dream a little bigger, relish the beauty of the unknown and have faith it’ll all work out just the way it was meant to. Nothing great comes from comfort zones. If you want to change your life, you've got to change your life.

Side note: I highly recommend the book In Awe by John O’Leary. It’s an incredible read. I think you’ll begin to find more joy in your life if you incorporate a few of his techniques.

We have had a particularly busy summer. We officially sold our house in Fayetteville and moved to our land in Wagram, significantly pared down our belongings to fit into a 10X13 storage unit and a small garden shed, moved into a camper trailer, and will begin the renovation on our farmhouse later this month. How refreshing it was (and a tad emotional for me) sorting through a decade of life and love and deciding what exactly to keep as we move on to the next chapter of our lives. But oh, the possibilities!

Choosing simplicity - clothes hanging on the line, chickens roaming freely, dogs running happily and dirty, happy kids playing - surrounded by our trees and wildlife. There is no place we'd rather be.

In our hectic, sometimes chaotic world, simple is best. I hope you choose to savor your one precious life.

Until next time.

Love, Dr. Amanda

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